Guess the tag team

Who are these guys that worked for NBC and then worked their magic in Vancouver?


Steve Woodman, started at CKUA in Edmonton, actually taught Robert Goulet how to be a disc jockey.

Became #1 in Montreal at CFCF…did a morning show in Toronto CKEY with Keith Rich.

Woodman and Rich subsequently did the after noon radio show on WNBC New York…starting the same day Johnny Carson did.

Then went to Los Angeles, where he did a couple of movies, some radio and TV and was the first Ronald MacDonald in Los Angeles, opening toy stores and  Golden Arches restaurants.

Steve Woodman – Announcer CKUA Edmonton late 1940s and early 1950s; CJCA Edmonton 1955; CFRN Edmonton; CFCF Montreal; announcer/narrator CBC Montreal 1956-58 including voice of Miss Juggs, narrator In The Story Book 1957 and host Stevie-O and His Friends 1958; host The J. Fred Muggs Show WNTA-TV Newark NJ 1959; with co-host Keith Rich: Woodman & Rich mornings CKWX Vancouver 1960-61, afternoon drive CKEY Toronto 1961 and WNBC New York; guest host/performer The Popeye Show WPIX-TV New York 1960; late night WINS New York 1965; KFWB Los Angeles 1965; TV show host and first Ronald McDonald Los Angeles; KDAY Santa Monica CA 1968; afternoon drive CKWX 1969-73; original cast member Dr. Bundolo’s Pandemonium Medicine Show CBC Radio Vancouver 1972-74; severely injured in motor vehicle accident in Delta BC in 1974. Died in Vancouver March 13, 1990, at age 62.

Keith Rich –  native of Dugaid, Man., was at CKEY – most of it in mornings – from 1964 to 1986. Rich earned his broadcasting stripes at CHOB Pembroke, Ont., CJVI Victoria and CJCA Edmonton before moving to CFRB Toronto in the late ’50s. Later, he and Steve Woodman did a two-year stint at WNBC New York. After his CKEY days ended in 1986, Rich moved to the morning spot at Toronto’s CJCL where he stayed until his retirement from radio in 1990. Rich, an aviation buff, farmed full-time and also bred Australian sheepdogs after his radio days ended. He died November 19, 2007 in Meaford, Ont., at the age of 80.


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  1. Sid Reith says:

    I chummed around with Steve around 1948 in Edmonton, and then in Calgary.
    He was at CKXL on the late nite shift. I was working for CN telegraphs on the all nite
    shift. At about 2am, he would put on a LP and we would go over to McCrohans cafe which was across the street from the Palliser Hotel. Well I remember one night when he
    locked himself out of the station, and we somehow got a ladder and got in the 2nd floor window. We shared an apartment in Calgary at one time. I took him on his honeymoon
    in 1950 to Banff. I have pictures if you are interested.
    Sid Reith, Kamloops, BC.

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