Young Dave

Big Daddy – Dave McCormick


After high school and a stint at UBC including working on the campus station, he became part of local radio history at CFUN. “They weren’t very old; they weren’t a rocker yet. The station was all over the place in those days. I turned it around and started rocking a little bit there and got some ratings and in the summer of 1960 a whole bunch of us turned that station into a rock ‘n’ roll station. Brian Lord, Brian Forst, Al Jordan and myself. We were the Good Guys at 1410. We were a really fun radio station, you ask anybody who remembers. I had 100,000 members in a thing called the Hi-Fi Club.”

1955: Feb. 14: CKMO 1410 becomes C-FUN when Dave showed up the new call letters were relatively new and no one had capitalized on them. CKMO had been a big station since 1928.

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