Photos supplied by Dan Roach




1.     New console installation main studio for CKPG circa 1961 complete with Gray tone arms and Magnecord tape recorders. (above shot from right)

2.     Same (shot from far right) identified by Brian Forst as Jack Carbutt, morning man and PD

3.     Same (shot from left

4.     Same shot from above showing speaker array

5.     CKWX transmitter shot from left

6.     CKWX transmitter shot from right

7.     CFAX transmitter site on Trial Island circa 1960s

8.     CFAX transmitter site


Notes on pictures:


First two pictures of the old CKWX transmitter site on Jacombs Rd in

Richmond. This building housed WX's first 50 kW plant, which was a

water-cooled Continental 317. Only three of this model were ever made!

(As mentioned earlier, at this time 50 kW installation was a huge

deal. WX's was the first 50 kW plant in western Canada. Construction

took more than a year.) This plant provided primary service for WX from

1954 until the late 1970's, and its presence was the reason that

Knight St. still jogs off to the east as you approach Jacombs going

south (MOT discovered to their chagrin what it would cost to move WX

away from a collision course with Knight!). Beautiful art deco design.


Next two pix are of Trial Island, just south of Victoria, in the very

early 1960's. CFAX had just moved from daytime only operation on 810

kHz (timeshare with KGO!), with a 1 kW transmitter located near UVic, to

24/7 operation, on 1070 kHz, still at 1 kW at this time. Very shortly,

they would upgrade to 10 kW, and all three towers would have to be

relocated (and a fourth added).


View from the tx site north is of Gonzales Bay, just outside Victoria,

circa 1961. A rather alarming lack of development!


Next four pix are of CKPG radio, 1961 or so. New console installation.

Sorry I don't know the name of the announcer, but he looks like a pro,

doesn't he? Old-timers will recognize the huge Gray tone arms and the

Magnecord tape recorders. Nice neat layout on the console




1.     Kelowna Picture (Fire at CKIQ puts station in Motel)
2.     2nd Kelowna Picture
3.     3rd Kelowna Picture
4.     4th Kelowna Picture
5.     5th Kelowna Picture
6.     6th Kelowna Picture







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