NW Bird

Jack Webster

Brian Arnold and John McKeachie

CJVI Baseball Announcer

Jack Kyle in Victoria

Art Jones and Crew

NW announcers

NW personalities

Warren Barker at CKDA

Dave Armstrong at CKNW

Page 54

Annis Stukus with Bill Rea

Monty at NW

Ferdy Baglo

Page 56

Allan Klenman at CKWX

Jack Hughes at CKWX

Jack Kyle at CJOR

 CKMO at

VJ Day

Juan Root at CKNW

Students at CKOV 

Bannerman and Premier Bennett

Planta, Palmer and Mair

Group of Four

John Barton at CHED

Little Richard in Victoria

Dave McCormick

Mystery pix

McCormick in USA 

Sailor Hat Dave 

Lunch Group 

Radio Board Group 

Diespecker leaves CJOR 

Peter Munoz and Webster 

Barker’s Boys 

Brian’s Lunch 

CFUN Gordie and Don Francks 

CJOR studio negative 

CJOR window opposite 

Red’s  “incredible archivist” 

On Mike is Mauri Hesketh

Dave Abbott and Jayne Mansfield

November 11 CJOR Mic

Dorwin Baird and Marilyn

Behind the Scenes at CKDA

Mayor McGeer in Hospital 

Red, Al and the kids at CJOR 

Ed Farey at CKDA 

Bob Hutton on Cart 

Crystal Palace 

Don Francks protesting 

Elvis and Victoria Dj 

NW sits down for dinner 

CKLG Lyndon Grove 

CFUN reunion on steps 

Group at CKWX