Red Robinson Collection 
I few notes first:
a.     Red has hundreds of pictures in a private 
b.     Red has allowed a number of pictures to 
surface on the internet and in data banks not 
controlled by himself
c.     Red is a friend of mine and I don’t want 
to offend him – so I will use only photographs 
he has given to me, 
ones sent to me by others and those that are 
freely available on the world wide web
d.     This page portrays Red’s career 
in Vancouver radio – not the entertainment 
and star scene.
1.     Red with Al Jordan and Engineer at CJOR
2.     Red with Guy Mitchell – pix donated 
by Darline Harder
3.     The Good Guys” at CFUN
4.     Red with Bob Bye at CKWX
5.     Red at NW
6.     Red at CISL