Dick Diespecker Family Collection


1.    Dick with group of other award winners including Wayne and Schuster and Gordon Sinclair

2.    Picture of Dick from cover of his novel Elizabeth

3.    Biographical Notes from the cover of his novel

4.    2nd Picture of Dick

5.    Biography Page Richard Alan Diespecker

6.    Newspaper Picture of Dick and the Nickle Club

7.    Diespecker with Mayor George Miller (right) at opening of Lions Gate Bridge

8.    Alan Young, Diespecker and Bert Pearl

9.    Dick reading a report on CKWX

10. At Vernon Army Camp and reported over CKOV 1941

11. Capt. Diespecker with J. Frank Willis and Mavor Moore in middle

12. Diespecker climbs the south tower of the not completed Lions Gate Bridge

13. 1940 party at CJOR this is perhaps the best picture of its kind

with many notables in the lineup including Bernie Braden, George,

Art and Marie Chandler, Ross Mortimer, Bill Rea, Laddie Watkis,

Dorwin Baird,Vic Waters, John Drainie, Jack Scott, Don Laws,

Ronnie Mathews, Buster Morgan, GG Gordon,

and of course those being celebrated Dick and Sybil Diespecker




Photo credits


1.    Alex Gray Toronto

7. Alfred Krause Vancouver

10. Douglas Kermode Vernon


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