Picture is of Doriana Temolo

George Madden and Belle Puri




CKNW Collection


1. Top Dog was a mag for kids in the 50’s

2. Erm Fiorillo and Hal Davis – Orphans Fund

3. NW-CFMI staff  - group for a picture

4. Frostie on a Bike in Blue

5. Part of a small book – a promotion in early 60’s with the stars

6. John Ashbridge celebrates again

7. DX card 1966

8. Jim Cox – early 50’s

9.  Thanks to Staff at NW after great effort during major storm

10. Ad for new NW transmitter

11. Warren and Alyn Edwards

12. David Ingram

13. Paul Heeney

14. Russ Froese

15. Brian on top of the world

16. Gary with Mayor Art Phillips

17. Early Investigators’ studio

18. Gary – current picture

19. Sarah and Jennifer Thomson – traffic ladies

20.  Webster with mic

21. Bennest, Webster and Peggy Hodgins

22. Wayne Cox

23. Wally Garrett

24. Vaughn Palmer and Rafe Mair with Joesph Planta

25. Leslie Petersen and Jack Webster at UBC

26. Webster and Jack Wasserman

27. Lawyer Alan Eagleson and Jim Robson

28. Philip Till – history

29. Laura Ornest, Big Al, Tom Larscheid, and Jim Cox on the bench

30. Davidson with a wink