On February 13, CKWX Radio Ltd. (division of Selkirk Broadcasting Ltd.), owner of CKWX-AM, was awarded a licence for a new FM station at Vancouver.

CJAZ-FM 92.1 signed on the air on March 1 as Canada’s first all jazz station.

The station moved its transmitter site from Saltspring Island to Mt. Seymour.

CJAZ moved to 96.9 MHz with effective radiated power of 46,850 watts.

CJAZ-FM became CKKS-FM on September 15.

CKKS was granted a decrease in power from 46,850 to 35,140 watts.

The CRTC denied the addition of a rebroadcast transmitter for CKKS at Whistler, operating on 96.9 MHz with an ERP of 98 watts. The station’s signal was available in Whistler prior to the change of transmitter site in 1982, so the station proposed to restore that service to Whistler.

On September 28, Maclean-Hunter Ltd.'s purchase of Selkirk Communications and the transfer of CKWX/CKKS and several other stations from MH Acquisition Inc. to Rogers Broadcasting Ltd. was approved.
On October 18, CKKS was given approval to operate a transitional digital radio undertaking. The transmitters would be installed on Mount Seymour and Metrotown - Cantel Building in Burnaby and would employ the EUREKA-147 digital audio broadcasting system. The station would transmit on 1465.024 MHz with an effective isotropic radiated power of 3,381 watts from Mt. Seymour and 2,774 watts from Burnaby.

CKKS was given permission to add a rebroadcast transmitter at Whistler, operating on 96.9 MHz with ERP of 586 watts.

On December 27 at 8 a.m., after a month of playing all Christmas music, CKKS signed and then relaunched as 96.9 JACK FM with a classic hits format.
On March 25, Rogers brought the heritage CKLG-FM call sign back to Vancouver,   (formerly used by AM 730 and FM 99.3) with CKKS switching to CKLG-FM, still with the “Jack” format.







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