Early CKIQ





Above picture is News Director/Talk Show Host Peter Munoz with Jack Webster



History of CKIQ Kelowna

The company Four Seasons Radio Ltd. (Bob Hall and Walter Gray)

CKIQ 1150 signed on the air on November 8. Power was 10,000 watts day and 1,000 watts night.

By this time, CKIQ was operating on 1150 kHz with 10,000 watts fulltime.

Around this time, Four Seasons Radio Ltd. opened a rebroadcaster for CKIQ at Big White Ski Village (known as CKIQ-FM). 

CKIQ launched re-broadcaster CKBL-FM1.

73.2% of West Global Broadcast Holding Ltd. was sold by Walter Gray (19.91%), Doreen Gray (2.17%), 479229 B.C. Ltd. (4.86%), C.W. Gray (3.18%), Robert J. Hall (18.10%), Hall-Gray Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (13.88%), Jeanne Hall (3.66%), Phyllis Tostenson (4.24%) and Roger Cottle (3.2%) to Okanagan Skeena Group Limited. OSGL already owned 26.8% of West Global. West Global in turn owned 100% of Four Seasons
Radio Ltd.

CKBL-FM 1 at Big White Ski Village (98.1 MHz with ERP of 18 watts) became CHSU-FM.

Telemedia Radio Inc. purchased Okanagan Skeena Group Ltd.

Standard Radio Inc. purchased Telemedia�s Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia stations. Some of these stations were sold to other companies but Standard chose to retain the Okanagan Skeena group, including CKFR-AM.





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