Earle - The Pearl

The clip below is about the death of Jack Wasserman but include a clip of Bradford

on CKNW the day following Jack's death in 1977


 Earle's Court  Thanks to radiowest.ca for the clip


Earle Bradford was loved by his audience, his co-workers and most of all his family.


Earle was born in Vancouver on January 4, 1925 and lived a short 62 years. He was

struck down by cancer on November 5, 1987.


The Pearl is survived by wife Eileen and three sons and the extended family.


Earle was a veteran of WW2 serving in Europe with the RCAF. After the conflict finished

he got into broadcasting.


He was hired first in Victoria, moving east to Saskatoon, Regina, at (CHAM) Hamilton,

Ottawa, and Toronto. Hired by Hal Davis in 1972 � the NW program director is quoted as

saying � �we can use a guy like that�.


He was placed in Warren Barker�s newsroom on the evening shift as a �voice of authority�.

His tendency was to personalize the news with comments that showed his experience,

wisdom and local knowledge. That did not go unnoticed by station management.

At the age of 48 with a growing family he needed to be home more often so day-time

hours suited him best.


Earle�s Court was the answer where the Pearl could broadcast his gossipy show

twice a day on NW with what�s happening in Vancouver.


He wrote over 500 columns in TV Week as well.


Earle did this for 14 years before health problems slowed him down. After initial

treatment it was back to work but the cancer finally took its toll.