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“Tom Lucas has pulled the plug at C-ISL where he hosted a weekly Sunday afternoon show from 4 to 8pm. Tom can now be heard each Saturday night on C-FUN (1410 on your AM dial) from 6 to 8pm. For Tom this is a return to some of his most successful days as a top 40 deejay as he was there for 14 years (74-88). He is even running some of the Classic C-FUN jingles from the past. Good luck Tom... “ - Red




Tom Lucas - CKAY Duncan; CJJC Langley; CJKL Kirkland ON; CKGF Grand Forks; CKOK Penticton; CKOC Hamilton; CFGO Ottawa; CKVU-TV Vancouver Show & TGIF; CFUN Vancouver; first DJ CHRX Vancouver 1988-90; Satellite Radio Network Goldline heard locally on CISL Vancouver 1990-96; CKWX Vancouver; CISL morning host 2000-2002; Satellite Radio Network Vancouver; weekends CISL 2003-05; host Retro-Rock Party Line 6-8 p.m. Saturdays CFUN 2006-current




Tom Lucas


Tom was born in Montreal, raised in Vancouver, and has been involved in radio for nearly 30 years! He started his own radio show in the basement of his parents' home when he was a kid. When he wasn't broadcasting, Tom was hanging around radio stations. (Get a life, Tom). When all the other kids were hangin' out, going to the movies, or having parties, Tom was in his radio world. Fortunately, he came out of his cave eventually and married. He now lives with his wife, his two daughters, and his female dog, Jesse.


Over the years Tom and his family moved around as he pursued his radio dream. Tom has worked for CKAY, Duncan; CJJC, Langley; CJKL, Kirkland (northern Ontario); CKGF, Grand Forks; CKOK, Penticton; CKOC, Hamilton; CFGO, Ottawa; CFUN, Vancouver; CHRX, Vancouver; CKWX, Vancouver; CISL, Vancouver; and his last gig was the Satellite Radio Network out of Vancouver, which was syndicated nationally. Tom has also dabbled in television in both Vancouver and Seattle.




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