Tom Jeffries




 CFAX [Victoria BC] 1968

 CKDA [Victoria] 1969

 CKPG [Prince George] 1970

 CKVN [Vancouver] 1972

 CFUN [Vancouver] 1973

 CFRA [Ottawa] 1974

 CFTR [Toronto] 1976

 CFUN [Vancouver] 1978

 CJCH [Halifax] 1986

 CKKS [Vancouver] 1990-2000

 CKBD [Vancouver] 2001


CKBD promo announcement - 2001


The affable and enthusiastic Jeffries brings a wealth of radio knowledge and life experience to his new show, having worked right across Canada during the course of his career. Tom began his foray into broadcasting at C-FAX in his home town of Victoria, BC, from there he made some notable stops in Ottawa at CFRA, Toronto's CFTR, and in Vancouver at CFUN and KISS FM where he gained notice as their afternoon drive announcer for ten years. No stranger to morning radio, Tom's first taste of it came at CJCH Halifax in 1986 where he also co-owned a successful business in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. A multitasker at heart, Tom has also become extremely knowledgeable in the areas of computers and internet, and has recently been an instructor in BCIT's broadcast faculty. His number one passion however is radio.


May 11/01 - The Province


After having his services called upon at 600AM following the sudden passing of the legendary Rick Honey, Tom Jeffries' strength as a power hitter has earned him a regular spot in the starting rotation as the station's new morning host.


With 32 years of experience under his belt, the 52-year-old has worked the local dial tirelessly and spent a number of years in Toronto during the halcyon days of Top 40 radio at then-powerhouse CFTR.


Jeffries had been a strong presence in the afternoon spot at KISS- FM for a decade before being booted last May following a management shuffle at the soft- rock outlet.


Jeffries then focused his efforts on the Internet, knowing that good things do indeed come to those who wait.


While Jeffries is ecstatic to have a regular shot at mornings in Vancouver radio, the occasion is bittersweet, given the circumstances surrounding his appointment.


"Rick Honey was one of the best and hardest-working guys you'll ever meet in radio. He was a real pro and he made a lot of people happy for a lot of years."


Jeffries is particularly excited about the caliber of his ensemble players and co-workers at 600AM.


"Cam McCubbin, Greg Douglas, Joy Metcalfe, Larissa Lindberg and Mark Patric and the rest have made these days the happiest of my career," he says, "and if I've learned one thing after 33 years, it's the people you meet along the way that make all the difference."


Jeffries, married to actor and writer Julie Brown, is not only still getting over the loss of Honey but has had to face further adversity with a death in his own family.


"My dad died in April and in all my years on the air, he hadn't really heard me at all," says Jeffries. "The fact that he got to hear me do some shows on 600AM, knowing I was the morning man and working with Dal Richards, he knew I finally made it.


"That means more to me than I can express in words."


August 11/03 The Province


In what can only be described as a ballsy move, 600AM morning man Tom Jeffries quit on the spot last week, citing displeasure with management in the wake of what he felt was a clandestine search to find a new morning-show host to replace him.


"I left on a matter of principle," said Jeffries. "I bear no ill will to anyone and want to say thanks to the folks in the Vancouver market for providing me with a wild and intense radio experience since 1972."


Jeffries, who assumed the position of 600AM morning-show host in February 2001 following the untimely death of Rick Honey, had tired of hearing rumblings that several high-profile names -- including Fred Latremouille, Red Robinson and even Frosty Forst -- had been approached by management to take over the position.


In an all-too rare demonstration of personal integrity, when the rumblings became deafening, Jeffries felt compelled to take a stand.


"My 35-plus years as a pro has taught me that, in the end, it's the people you work with and the audience you come to know and love that matters," he said. "Not all that other stuff that goes on in the boardrooms."


Coincidentally, Jeffries replacement is Bob Saye, who abruptly pulled the plug himself at ROCK 101 and similarly resigned, citing the direction the station was going in was in conflict with his own personal Christian values.


Tom Jeffries works now for Gold FM - a stock market and financial world reporting agency

where his radio talent is used.


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