Rod Gunn



1963 ubc radio

1963 cjor producer for Pat Burns

1965 cknw

1966 cjor

1970 cfun

1971 cfmi

1977 cknw/cfmi PD

1981 word records

1982 chqr

1990 president and GM of cknw

(took NW from New Westminster to the Black Tower)

1999 retired



On Board of Community Living BC


Rod and his wife Eva have been married for 39 years and have 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren. Their son Kristian was born with a developmental disability and now, 32 years old, lives in a group home near his family. During a 35 year broadcasting career, Rod held a variety of senior executive positions and served on a range of boards.


He initiated the B.C. Broadcasters Humanities Award given each year to deserving B.C. community service groups. Recipients include BCACL and PLAN. He and his wife have traveled extensively, and along with all his family, have spent years sailing in the Gulf Islands. In his spare time Rod reads and enjoys his audio/video and book collections.





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