Neil Soper




Neil Soper - CKLG; CFUN; production/program director/agm/general manager CJOR 1970-1980; account executive Palmer Jarvis, Associate Publisher/Executive VP Canada Wide Magazines/Communications 1982-present

Trustee/Vice Chair of Jack Webster Foundation





The Vancouver Sun October 2/95


Neil Soper of Canada Wide Magazines was elected president of the western chapter of the National Advertising Benevolent Society which helps industry professionals during tough times


Don Wall took ill and retired in 1979, was succeeded by assistant general manager Neil Soper, who carried on with Wall's format.  Soper left CJOR a year later to join the Palmer Jarvis advertising agency and was succeeded by Al Anaka.





Archie McDonald August 26/91 The Sun


 "A guide boat carrying publishing executive Neil Soper and grocery wholesaler Wing Chu struck a deadhead in the Arran Rapids while travelling at a fast clip. Soper was thrown into the water and luckily landed on his back. His floater jacket saved his life.

 He had 13 pins inserted in a badly broken right leg at Campbell River. After a week he was transferred to UBC Hospital. He'll be a long time recovering."


"Fishing, an endless succession of chance happenings, serves nicely as an allegory for life. One minute Neil Soper's spirits were soaring with the eagles as his boat knifed through the water and in the next he was a couple of breaths away from dying."



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