November 15

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The BEAT (94.5 FM) unveils Vancouver's newest morning radio show today, as Kid Carson takes to the pre-dawn air chair at the Top 40 outlet this morning.


After arriving in the city last August, it's been something of a meteoric rise for the 25-year-old Toronto native, who makes the leap from evenings at Z95 (95.3 FM) to radio's most sought-after timeslot in just over a year.


For the always-upbeat Kid, it's the culmination of a lifelong dream.


"I've always wanted to be a morning DJ but I thought I'd have to leave Vancouver to do it," he said. "To be able to do my dream job in the city I want to live in . . . it's basically my entire dream come true."


The dream seemed somewhat derailed in June of 2003 when Carson was fired after Toronto's CISS 92 abruptly changed format.


"It was tough being canned from one of the biggest Top 40 stations in Canada and it was hard to find one I wanted to work at. There aren't many fun radio stations across Canada."


That opportunity presented itself just a few weeks ago when The BEAT came calling on the then Zed DJ.


"Morning radio is something I've always wanted to do because morning men are the first people to tell you the hot gossip of the day and it's great to be working at a station that's on the cutting edge of what's hip and what's trendy."


Besides the chance to play newer music, is there anything about his most recent DJ stint The Kid won't miss?


"Yeah," he said without hesitation, "playing Nickelback! Chad Kroeger I love you, but once an hour is a bit much."






June 5, 2006


Kid Carson of The Beat 94.5FM (Broadcaster Performer of Tomorrow)


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Kid Carson

a.k.a. Kid Carson

Kid Carson


Morning Show host Kid Carson was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and has worked at numerous radio stations across the country including Kiss 92 in Toronto.


Looking upon his career in broadcasting, Kid suggests that, “everyday, it is seriously an honour that people take time out of their busy days to call my show, sometimes just to say – hey! It blows my mind and I will never stop appreciating that.”


When asked about his “worse moment” in radio, Kid recalls waking up one morning, turning on the radio and finding the station off air. On the other side of the spectrum, Kid recalls one promotion when he was asked to drive a new convertible to a winner's house, while talking live on-air through a cell phone – “I pulled up, rang the doorbell... and got to say the famous line - YOU’VE WON A NEW CAAAAAR!!!!"


In his off hours, Kid Carson enjoys snow and wakeboarding and working out.


Final Comments: It's ok to laugh at me, I do! 5:30 - 9:00 am, M-F.








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