Jack Kyle


Born in Vancouver March 16, 1925


CJVI 1943-47

CKWX 1947-55

CKNW 1955-61 - the master of the drive shift, the crystal palace, remotes, PNE

CKLG 1961

CHUB 1962-65 - owner

CJOR 1966

CKNW 1967-73 after noon; 1973 to 81 - after midnight




Many new faces came to CKNW including Bob Hutton, Vancouver's most popular morning man. He moved from CKWX to NW and hosted the a.m. show until ’73. With the Jack Cullen's departure in 1954, Jack Kyle came in to fill his shoes. He would be with CKNW for many years. Finally, 1955 also saw the introduction of the first Crystal Palace. The era of Road Shows had begun.  Jack would park the Crystal Palace near a busy roadway and ask listeners to honk…..and honk they did. The Palace was used at most remotes and openings.



The Vancouver Sun sold CHUB Nanaimo to Bob Giles (former manager of CKLG and previous news director at CKNW and CKWX), Jack Kyle (on air personality at CKNW) and Joe Lawlor (sales manager for CHAB, Moose Jaw).



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