Gord Robson (Robison)

Gord started on the air in Alberta in 1968

pictured above after recovering from a major illness in 2006


Gord Robson - DJ CKXL Calgary 1968-71; afternoon drive CFOX Montreal 1971-72; CHED Edmonton 1972-74; Asst. Program Director, afternoon drive then middays CKLG Vancouver Sept. 1974-Nov. 1984; Program Director CHAB Moose Jaw SK 1984-85; Program Director & middays CKXL Calgary 1985-87; afternoon drive CHED Edmonton 1987-93; CKNG-FM Edmonton 1993-94; CKRA-FM Edmonton 1994-98; program director/AM drive CFRV-FM Lethbridge 1998-2004; freelance voice-over work Toronto 2004-05; Talent Consultant Shaw TV Edmonton & freelance voice work 2006-2007; swing/remotes/VT/production CHQT-AM Edmonton early 2007, then Acting PD June-August 2007 and afternoon drive June 2007-March 14, 2008. Born as Gordon Robison in Lethbridge September 9, 1951, son of broadcaster Ron Robison, and died in Edmonton on March 21, 2008. During his early career Gord used his birth name of Robison along with Skip and other nick names