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Eve Savory - Legislative/city hall reporter CHQM Vancouver 1973-74; CBC Radio Ottawa 1975-76; regional parliamentary reporter CBOT Ottawa 1976-79; national TV reporter CBC-TV Saskatchewan 1979-81 and Alberta 1981-83; medicine/ science/technology reporter The National CBC Toronto 1983-91; B.C. Science Council established annual Eve Savory Award for Science Communication 1990; environmental specialist The National  CBC Vancouver 1991-94 and environment and science documentary reporter 1994-current; recipient of numerous awards. 




A Vancouver-based reporter with THE NATIONAL MAGAZINE, Eve Savory has won numerous awards for her coverage of a variety of scientific and medical stories.


Born in Duncan, B.C., Savory is a graduate of the University of British Columbia. She joined CBC Radio in Vancouver as a general reporter in 1974 after a year as a legislative and city hall reporter for CHQM, a private radio station in Vancouver. In 1975, she transferred to CBC Radio Ottawa and, a year later, moved into television, accepting a position as regional parliamentary reporter at CBOT in Ottawa. She was appointed national TV reporter for Saskatchewan in 1979 and accepted a similar posting in Alberta two years later.


In 1983, she became THE NATIONAL's Toronto-based specialist in medicine, science and technology, covering a wide range of environmental topics and reporting extensively on health care, scientific developments, space exploration, and the fight against AIDS. In 1991, she became THE NATIONAL's environmental specialist in Vancouver, where, three years later she assumed the role of documentary reporter, specializing in the environment and science.


In 1995, Savory received the Sandford Fleming Award from the Royal Canadian Institute for "outstanding achievements in promoting knowledge and understanding of science." She was honoured in 1996 for her coverage of the conflict at Gustafsen Lake and won two awards at the International Wildlife Film Festival for 'Return of the Swift Fox' (1993) and 'Zoos of Tomorrow' (1994). She also earned top honours from the Canadian Science Writers' Association for 'Voyager Flyby' (1989), documenting the satellite's journey to Neptune, and won the Joan Hollobon Award for her 1988 report on a young girl's bone marrow transplant.


In 1986, Savory's reports on biotechnology resulted in a trilogy of honours, from the New York International Film and Television Festival, the Columbus International Film Festival and the Canadian Science Writers' Association, from whom she had won an award the previous year for her reports on AIDS. In 1990, the B.C. Science Council established a new annual award in her name - The Eve Savory Award for Science Communication. Savory was also honoured by the U.B.C. student society with the 1998 Great Trekker Award, recognizing eminence in her field and contributions to the university community.


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