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Gilbert Auchinleck (Doc Harris aka Doc Holiday and Gil Harris) born August 3, 1948

Doc Harris - As Gil Harris: CKDA/CFMS-FM Victoria 1966-69; CJAT Trail BC 1969-70; AMD CKOM Saskatoon 1970; CKSO Sudbury ON 1970-71; AMD CHAM Hamilton 1971; as Doc Holiday CFTR Toronto 1971-73; as Gil Harris PMD CKLG Vancouver 1973-76; as Doc Harris: AMD CKLG 1976-83; AMD CFMI-FM Vancouver 1984-86; AMD CKKS-FM Vancouver 1986-89; AMD CKXY Vancouver 1989-90; AMD/PMD/weekend fill-in CKNW Vancouver 1990-92; AMD CFUN Vancouver 1992-93; fill-in CKNW 1993-2001; weekends then AMD CISL Vancouver 2002-03; commercials/voice imaging current; co-host weekly feature Dan Gardener's Automotive Intelligence CISL 2006-current.


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Doc frowns for his fans



Doc Harris is one of those announcers who put a smile on your face every time you listened to him. His off-beat sense of humour and relaxed delivery has charmed listeners since the early '70s.


Harris started his career in 1970 at CKOM in Saskatoon. He was Gil Harris then, and used that moniker at his next two stops - both in Ontario - at CKSO Sudbury and CHAM in Hamilton. In 1971, he moved to Toronto's CFTR and - as Doc Holliday - was one of the first Top 40 announcers at that station which had just flipped from easy listening.


In 1973, Holliday moved to Vancouver - changed his on-air name to Doc Harris - and began a long and successful career at stations like CKLG, CFMI-FM, CKKS, CKST, CKNW, CFUN and CISL.


Harris was also one of the first radio personalities to get his own web site. His site at has been on the web since 1994.


Harris spent 11 years (1973-84) at highly rated CKLG, and we hear him from 1976 here.


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The multi-faceted and well-travelled broadcast veteran Doc Harris at CISL on Sundays, who's been scouring the vaults and will wipe the dust off scores of his benchmark features from years and stations gone by.

Among Doc's myriad radio nuggets are such staples as "The Harris Report," "Rip-Off Convenience Mart," "Grandpa Miller" and the "Old Jokes Home."

So how does Doc feel about finding a new place to dwell and a new home to display fruits of his labour?

"It's great," he said. "For 30 years, I've been trying to find a way to get rid of this stuff. Now, I don't need to have a garage sale." 

(March 2002)


Local radio host Doc Harris was a happy but poorer man Wednesday after a Canadian human rights tribunal cleared him of sexual harassment. In a 2-1 decision, the tribunal found Harris - - real name Gilbert Auchinleck - didn't sexually harass his morning co-host at CFUN radio in 1994. Taylor Hewstan, a screenwriter, alleged Harris hugged and kissed her and made inappropriate comments while they worked together in the spring of 1994. 



Doc Harris was kissed off by radio station KISS-FM yesterday.

The veteran Vancouver disc jockey was abruptly fired following his regular on-air morning schtick.

"The new general manager . . . burst into the room and from the vibes and body language it was obvious it was all over," Harris said.

Now owned by Toronto-based Rogers Communications, CKKS-FM (KISS) was recently acquired from Maclean Hunter.

Harris, 41, who was working without a contract, said the firing came as a surprise.

"I loved it. One of my favorite radio jobs with wonderful people I'll miss."

Harris topped popularity polls run by The Province in 1984 and 1985 when he was morning man at CKLG and CFMI before moving to KISS- FM.  (Nov/89)



Doc Harris

 CKOM [Saskatoon SK] 1970 - Gil Harris

 CKSO  [Sudbury    ON] 1970 - Gil Harris

 CHAM [Hamilton  ON] 1971 - Doc Holiday

 CFTR  [Toronto   ON] 1971

 CKLG  [Vancouver] 1973

 CFMI-FM [Vancouver] 1984

 CKKS [Vancouver] 1986

 CKST [Vancouver] 1990

 CKNW [Vancouver] 1992

 CFUN [Vancouver] 1993

 CKNW [Vancouver] 1994

 CISL [Vancouver] 2001



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