Bob Singleton


Voice of the Abbotsford Air Show


Bob most recently was/is involved with the Abbotsford

Airport Authority. He lives in Mission.


Bob Singleton, the chap in the tweed with the

glasses and asymmetric smile. That picture was taken about 1969/70



In 1965, Dennis Barkman, took over the station with the assistance of Gerry Pash, Bob Singleton, Ken Davis Harold Roberts and Gene Ross



Dennis Barkman, made a deal with Davis, Pash, Singleton, Roberts, and Ross to

between them acquire 1/3 of Fraser Valley Broadcasters while He (Barkman)

acquired the interest of McLachlan and Wolfe.


CHWK was located at 50 Yale Road East and CFVR was in the Park Hotel Abbotsford. CKGO was not yet on the air.



CFVR: The Early Years


   CFVR started out with its own morning show 6 am to 9 am from the first day on the air.  It was the first private satellite operation in the country but was licensed under the condition that it have some locally originated programming.  Eventually the noon hour was added and the 4 pm to 6 pm.  By the time we moved from the Park Hotel to Alwood Street we were separate from CHWK 6 am to 6 pm weekdays.  I recall it was 6 am to 1 pm on Saturday and Sunday was simulcast from Chilliwack.  When I left in May 1972 and that was the configuration with perhaps Saturday afternoon added.  It took much longer than 5 years to become independent and I can't say when it happened as I was running our operations in Penticton.


Feb. 1977 CFVR 1240 Abbotsford moves to AM 850 and increases its power to 10,000 watts. Later in the year, CKGO 1490 Hope moves to AM 1240


With thanks to

“Gerry Pash”, former Treasurer, Fraser Valley Broadcasters Ltd

Managing Director Sales--CFVR 1969-1972

Previously at CHWK 1964-1969


BC Radio History