Bob Ness



Bob Ness - Wrote & read poetry on air and played avant-garde jazz & rock CKLG-FM Vancouver 1968-1976; jazz show CBC-FM Vancouver 1975; host/interviewer of major jazz musicians CKVU-TV Vancouver 1975-76; Downbeat writer Georgia Straight Vancouver; KJAZ-FM San Francisco 1977-81; apartment building manager San Francisco/Oakland 1981-current; writer unpublished novel Clean Coffee about the CKLG-FM experience and The Snakefighter & Other Stories for publication 2004





"I was hanging out with Bob Ness who did a radio show called Street Theatre on CKLG-FM. These were the last days of so-called "underground FM" when Bob had free rein to unleash his wild imagination on the airwaves. We did a number of shows together where we'd take his Uher out in the Vancouver night and record our adventures for broadcast the next morning. I called Bob, to whom I'd be raving about PK Dick for the last few months, and told him he was in town. "You've got to get him on the show."


A couple of mornings later Bob called. He was on the air. "Dick's here. Come on down." I turned on the radio and there he was, yakking with Bob. I gulped my coffee, got dressed and headed down to the studio. In all, Dick was on the show for three hours talking about any number of things, most of which I've forgotten"


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