Robert John Hutton


born in San Francisco  - June 29, 1920

died in Oshawa, Ontario - November 15, 2007 at age 87




Radio History


1939-CFJC Kamloops radio dramatic club at age 19


1941-CFJC hired as operator/announcer


1945-1955-CKWX Vancouver as morning announcer

but developed TB and sent to Tranquille in Kamloops for almost 2 years 1947-1949


1955-1973 CKNW mornings

1973 to 1975 remotes

retired on a NW pension at age 55 and left for Whitby, Ontario to be close to his family



Bob was born in San Francisco to Canadian parents. He lived in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta until he was ten and then moved to the Grandview area of Vancouver. At 15 he was off to Kamloops. "That was the place to grow up" says Bob. He was heavily involved in drama, that he used to good advantage at WX which was involved in radio stage productions.  "I got hooked on radio."


Early work before radio:

radio dispatcher - Yukon Southern Air Transport

radio operator  -  BC forestry department


Laurie Irving Program Director of CKWX - heard of Bob and asked for a disc recording during the war. Bob had to get clearance from government to do a job other than in the war effort. Manager Frank (Tiny) Elphicke hired him at WX to fill a spot vacated by Bill Fox.


Morning work on radio was in transition as for many years - evening radio was the most popular listening times. The highest rated station was the Dominion network outlet – CJOR but slowly that strength was eroded. Between 1950 and 1955 Hutton rode the wave as more people were attracted to wake up radio.


He was competing with Billy Browne to start with and Colin Fitzgerald (GG man) who took over the CJOR morning announcer job on the death of Billy Browne in 1951.The show was middle of the road music with the personality of the announcer and dropped-in humour as the attraction. CKNW had tried a number of familiar DJ's in an effort to get a stronger audience but just couldn’t do it.


He had married Verna in 1952 - 3 children followed - Donna, Robert Jr. and Liz.  Verna would help Bob on some remotes.


In 1955, Bill Hughes hired Hutton away and the audience followed. (Hughes had worked briefly with Hutton at CKWX in 1945.) Bob went on the air at NW on May 7, 1955.


NW became number one in 1955 and would maintain that position for 50 years. He was the announcer for the Rhythm Pals for several years and hosted ‘Planet Pals’ puppet show on CHAN-TV Vancouver in the early 1960s.





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