Barry Bowman – Victoria’s morning Mayor 







Born in Wadena Sask. 

Barry has written dozens of satirical spins, starting almost 40 years ago as a 17-year-old deejay at CFSL in Weyburn, Sask., by adapting Marty Robbins’s White Sports Coat during the province’s historic doctor’s strike in 1962.  Worked at CKOS TV, Yorkton, CFQC and CFMC, Saskatoon, and CKCK, Regina.

Victoria CFAX 1968 to 1996, CJVI 1996-2000


Testing by Bucket Poll

For a creative approach to the public survey consider the method used by C-FAX radio in Victoria, British Columbia on the day of Canada’s constitutional referendum. “C-FAX morning personality Barry Bowman did his show while suspended in a bucket attached to a huge crane, over the main north-south traffic artery in downtown Victoria. As drivers approached the area they saw large signs saying: ‘Honk Once for Yes’ and “Honk Twice for No.’ C-FAX personnel on the ground using the type of hand-held counters that are popular at tourist attractions and sporting events kept track of the ‘votes’.”  This method accurately predicted the actual vote in British Columbia. 

In 1996 Barry made the move from C-FAX to what was then CJVI across the street where he stayed for nearly four years until a format change to HOT 103 FM in 2000 (now JACK-FM)

Anyone missing Barry’s voice should listen carefully to some commercials still airing on CFAX and other stations around the country. Also for 12 years it was Barry’s recorded tones on BC Ferries dispatching passengers to the lower car decks.

Today, Barry is busy with his new acting career and Bowman Productions, producing his own commercials, voice work, and imaging from his studio in Brentwood Bay. He’s also just launched a new e-book Barry Bowman’s Guide to Public Speaking: One Helluva Speech. His websites are and




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